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deep drawing presses

Verson-LCM Deep Drawing Presses

Choose our deep drawing presses from a broad range of sizes for deep-drawn, metal forming applications including automotive body panels, oil pans, wheel spiders, refrigeration compressors, sinks and bath tubs, as well as all types of appliance components.

Deep drawing press features and benefits:

  • Rigid-frame construction, stress relief annealed and precision machined for added durability and accuracy that meets JIS B-6403 1st Class standards
  • High-speed slide approach, controlled pressing speed and fast return speed for fast cycling and production
  • High-efficiency, low-maintenance pumps, motors and valves reduce power consumption
  • Hydraulic and electrical components specified for the North American market and available locally
  • Optional moving bolsters, hydraulic die clamping, slide locking devices and hydraulic cushions for added convenience, safety and versatility
  • Impact dampers for secondary blanking, piercing and trimming operations to reduce noise and vibration
Double Action Triple Action
Capacity  200-5,000 tons  1,000-2,750 tons
Bolster Area  to 4,500 mm x 3,000 mm  to 3,500 mm x 1,600 mm
Stroke  700 mm-1,800 mm  1,300 mm-1,850 mm

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