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VARICAM® Electronic Rotary CAM Switch System

The VARICAM system is a programmable controller that monitors and assists in the control of an operation or process that takes place during the time that the ABSOCODER position sensor shaft makes one complete revolution. It turns on and off switch outputs at programmed set points as the ABSOCODER monitors angular displacements of machine shaft. The VARICAM system replaces traditional mechanical cam-operated multi-point limit switches used on packaging machinery, metalworking presses, printing presses, automatic assembly machines and food processing machinery. VARICAM systems are available with an array of auxiliary functions, such as origin setting, teach-in programming, monitoring of position data outputs and an optional protected switch function.


  • Easy-to-use: Controller is compact and easy-to-operate and a number of programs and switch outputs can be selected by parameter setting.
  • Flexible: Switch output ON/OFF angles can be set in .5° units, up to eight programs registered at VS-5ED and 32 at VS-5EX, up to 40 switch outputs are possible with the VS-5EX, up to 24 with other models.
  • Maintenance-free: Provides freedom from troublesome cam adjustments and self-diagnostics by constantly monitoring operating status and operation of its own components.

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