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Transfer Presses

Verson transfer presses increase productivity and reduce manpower needed to operate the machine. The more die operations required, the greater the productivity boost compared to multiple press room operations. Enhance productivity further with automatic die changeover using a dual rolling bolster system where individual die adjustments are accomplished outside the press working area. Dramatically reduce labor, since a single transfer press operator can perform multiple press functions. Virtually eliminate material handling between the intermediate steps, whether you are mass-producing parts from blanks or coil stock.

Verson transfer press systems:

  • Reduce floor space required to produce a transfer press part
  • Reduce your energy consumption compared with a conventional press room system
  • Simplify maintenance when equipped with a Diagnostic Center. The self-maintaining, fault-indicating safety system continuously monitors all transfer press, part and feed functions, stops the press to prevent damage to equipment and tooling and displays the location of the fault.

Verson transfer press systems offer proven return on investment for any high-production press part application that requires multiple die stations, including wheel spiders, transmission components, automotive structural components, washer and dryer tops and an ever-increasing range of parts. Contact us to learn more about Verson Transfer Press Systems. We also offer OEM replacement parts, including NSD parts and repair, and engineering upgrades and modifications of existing mechanical presses.

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