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Steel Manufacturing

Complete Mill Resource

Enprotech Industrial Technologies Inc. has over 60 years of designing, manufacturing and repairing manufacturing equipment for the steel manufacturing and aluminum manufacturing industries. Our expertise with precision steel processing machinery repair starts at the coke ovens and flows through to the finishing mills. Our modern facilities in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky allow us to respond in a timely manner and at cost competitive rates.

We offer engineered solutions for enhancing our customers’ operating practices. We also have global partnerships that allow comprehensive support for modernizing out dated steel manufacturing equipment. Do not hesitate to let us know your full steel process equipment needs. We can assist on a global scale.

The 21st century has brought dramatic changes to the steel-making industry and Enprotech has evolved in response so that we can effectively meet the needs of our customers in a competitive global market. The result is a “one-stop” resource for innovative steel manufacturing industry solutions.

As a leader in providing consumables, engineering, manufacturing and equipment repair to the steel manufacturing and metal forming industries, Enprotech is on the forefront of technological solutions for the global market. All employees are dedicated to delivering products that meet our high standards of quality. We continue to work with our customers to improve manufacturing cost, product, quality and overall employee safety.

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