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New Metal Forming Equipment

New Equipment for Metal Stamping, Metal Forging, and Metal Forming

Enprotech Industrial Technologies delivers a wide variety of answers for the metal stamping, forging, and metal forming industries. With new metal forming equipment, we help keep your business running profitably.

Enprotech offers new Verson and Danly metal stamping presses, including hydraulic press and mechanical press options, as well as hydroforming, sheet metal hydroforming, tubular hydroforming and Wheelon fluid cell presses. Our expert metal stamping press repair, replacement metal stamping press parts, rebuilding and process equipment upgrades minimizes downtime that hurts your productivity. Our experienced engineering staff and emergency service — available 24 hour a day, seven days a week — will put your metal stamping press back into production as fast as possible, including field services at your facility.

Verson & Danly Mechanical Stamping Presses

The long American metal stamping press-building tradition continues with Enprotech’s acquisition of Verson and Danly technology, and under the direction from our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers with more than 300 years of combined metal stamping press-building experience. We are the experts in Verson & Danly Mechanical Stamping Presses.

Verson-LCM Hydraulic Metal Stamping Presses

Get superior performance in our wide range of Verson-LCM hydraulic metal stamping presses. Through our exclusive relationship with Lien Chieh Machinery Co. (LCM), you have access to options for new precision-built hydraulic metal stamping press, metal forging press, and hydroforming press equipment as well as spare parts for the metal forming, metal forging and composite materials industries. We’re your source for Verson-LCM Hydraulic Presses and you will also obtain access to Enprotech’s dedicated after-sales support team.


Verson hydroforming machines are recognized by the lighting, prototyping and aerospace industries for their ability draw low volume formed parts without expensive tooling. Verson hydroforming sheet metal presses form complex parts with fewer operations than conventional blanking, metal stamping, welding or machining processes.

Sumitomo Mechanical Metal Forging Presses

Sumitomo Heavy Industries is a reliable expert partner serving customer needs by supplying metal forging press, equipment and automation worldwide. Through our sales and service agreement you get access to Enprotech’s dedicated after-sales support team. We offer advanced engineering solutions for your forging process by Sumitomo and Enprotech.