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Hydraulic Presses

Enprotech is the exclusive sales, marketing, distribution, technical and spare parts support group in the United States, Canada and Mexico for LCM hydraulic presses. LCM designs and produces hydraulic presses ranging between 50 and 15,000 tons capacity. Added to the existing Verson range of presses, this gives you the most comprehensive stable of hydraulic presses available to the metal forming and metal forging industries.

Our selection of Verson-LCM hydraulic presses lets you choose the right press for your application. The presses are manufactured to the Japanese Industrial Standard – First Class (JIS – Class 1) — recognized as one of the highest press standards in the world — so you know your press will perform dependably for years.

Verson-LCM Deep Drawing Presses

Verson-LCM Die-Spotting & Die Tryout Presses

Verson-LCM Hemming Presses

Verson-LCM SMC Presses

Verson-LCM  CCL/PCB Laminating Hot Presses

Verson-LCM Forging Presses


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