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Forging Presses – Repair, Rebuild & Modernize

Enprotech Industrial Technologies can handle your largest machines with 200-ton overhead crane capacity and rail siding running directly into our Lansing facility. Enprotech has the experience, capability and capacity to repair, rebuild and modernize your National Maxipress, Ajax, Erie or any large forging presses, upsetter or cold header, including state-of-the-art control systems. In addition, we can repair your Chambersburg and Erie forging hammers.

Our facilities are staffed and equipped to handle everything from component repairs and small projects to complete rebuilding of your heaviest equipment. When it’s time for refurbishment to extend life and reduce unscheduled down time, our staff will rebuild equipment with updated controls, lube, brake and knockout systems to enhance productivity and reliability.

Solving your machinery problems is our priority at Enprotech with over 70 years of experience in repair of forging and heading equipment. Whether you need to salvage an existing asset by converting a 5,000 lb. Erie hammer base to use as a 4,000 lb. Chambersburg base, or need brazing to repair cracked guide pockets on your hammer columns, we have the engineering knowledge and a proven procedure to suit the task. Each year, we provide numerous cost-effective and reliable repairs to restore broken drive shafts, crankshafts or hubs.

For manufacturers faced with plant consolidations and equipment relocations, be assured that Enprotech has the plant capability and project management resources to keep your project on track. Our technicians will diagnose problems as the equipment comes out of service. Then we will make recommendations on necessary repairs and enhancements. If complete rebuilding is warranted, our facilities have heavy cranes and machining capacity to handle even your largest equipment. Our electrical engineering staff can integrate new automation and auxiliary equipment for your new manufacturing cell. On-site installation supervision, project management and start-up assistance by Enprotech will bridge the gap between rigging services and a successful start-up.

Our field services staff has been expanded to support your operation. When you need emergency service, trouble-shooting, on-site machining, control upgrades or annual machinery inspections, our experienced technicians will travel to your site to reduce down-time and put your equipment back in production.

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