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CYLNUC Programmable Pneumatic Cylinders 

The CYLNUC cylinder incorporates a linear type ABSOCODER position sensor in the cylinder rod. The cylinder features a built-in, fully pneumatic brake system operated by a controller with a “self-learning” function that provides high-precision, multi-point positioning. It achieves a positioning accuracy of plus/minus 0.5 mm (0.02 in.), even at a cylinder operation speed as high as 500mm/sec.

  • Accurate: Position/velocity detection is achieved because the cylinder rod itself is a sensor. Due to the “self-learning” function, the accuracy of repeated positioning is greatly increased.
  • Strong: The built-in pneumatic brake provides a strong stopping action.
  • Efficient: The controller’s “self-learning” function reduces overruns caused by load or air-pressure fluctuations.

For pneumatic-powered linear measurements, the CYLNUC is also available without the brake system. This allows you to control the CYLNUC as a standard cylinder, with the added benefit of having a built-in linear sensor.

CYLNUC is also available with a VS-CYLE smart-control programmable cylinder position controller that provides a high-performance actuation system for pneumatic applications. With a positioning accuracy of ±0.02 in. at operating speeds of up to 20 in./sec., this technology can often be used in place of electric motors to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of your actuation requirements.

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