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ABSOCODER® Absolute Position Sensor

ABSOCODER® Absolute Position Sensor

The ABSOCODER® is NSD’s absolute position detection system for factory automation equipment. Its sensor detects machine movement and its converter electronically converts this movement amount. The ABSOCODER is available in a wide range of model configurations, making it easy to incorporate into whatever system you use. Three sensor types include the VRE series single-turn configuration, the VLS series linear position detection configuration and the MRE series multi-turn configuration that features a combination of basic sensors and unique counting and sampling techniques using the VSC (Vernier Sensing Calculation) and V-scan methods for error-free position reading.

With any configuration, the ABSOCODER is:

  • Reliable: The position sensor’s absolute format delivers reliably accurate position detection, even when the power is off and accidental noise occurs.
  • Durable: Elimination of contact parts offers outstanding durability, even in poor environments and in the presence of vibration, shocks, extreme temperature, oil and dust.
  • Flexible: The wide variety of sensor configurations lets you select only the necessary optimum sensor and converter combination for your machine functions, minimizing costs and giving you the freedom to change the resolution, response speed and data format for each sensor type by using a different converter.

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