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Steel Manufacturing Equipment

New Steel Manufacturing Equipment

Enprotech is a leader in designing and upgrading steel manufacturing equipment. Offering everything from silica brick for metallurgical coke ovens to rolls for the finishing process, we are well known for our extensive variety of steel manufacturing parts and steel manufacturing services, which are sure to meet your full range of equipment needs. Following are some of our offerings:

Coke Ovens
Doors & Door Repairs, Quench Car Repairs or Build New

Blast Furnace
Copper Tuyeres, Staves (Copper & Ductile Iron) & Cooling Plates, Cold Blast Valve Repairs and Sintering Plant Breakers

On-site machining of ladle bottoms, manufacture and repair various types of transfer cars, skimmer equipment, platforms,  “J” hooks, hoist, drums, crane trucks, sheaves

Manufacturing & Engineering Segments provide turn-key support for all segment components: Dummy Bars new and rebuild, Oscillator rebuild, run out table components, hard facing of roll overlays, tundish repairs, bearing housings and many other components

Slide Gate Hardware
Ladle and Tundish Slide Gate Systems; Comprehensive Support with Refractory Support

Hot Mill
Reels & Mandrels, Descaling Nozzles, Descaling Hoods, Entry Guides, Chocks, Work Rolls, Backup Rolls, HSS Rolls, Tables, Rolls, Guides – Side & Mill Type, Slab Cars & Transfer Devices, Spindles, Spindle Carriers, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, Shears, Edger Rolls, Drive Shafts, Gearboxes, Pinion Stands, Roll Change Sleds, Pinch Rolls, Outboard Bearings, Coil Cars, Downcoiler Rebuilds, Wrapper Rolls & Aprons, Side Frames, Conveyors, Looper Rolls & Assemblies, Roll Repair

Cold Mill & Finishing Mill
Reels & Mandrels, Descaling Nozzles, Entry Guides, Chocks, Work Rolls, Coil Cars, Gearboxes, Bridle Roll & Assemblies, Spindle & Carriers, Holddown Rolls, Coil Prep Equipment, Shears, Roll Change Sleds, Aprons, Beltwrappers, Screwdown Screws & Nuts, Roll Repair, Radiant Tubes, Coiling equipment services, including all facets of design, repair and new technology implementation

Lifting Devices
Slab Tongs, Coil Tongs, Crane Repairs, Hook Blocks, Equalizer Beams, Spreader Bars, Ladle Hangers, J-Hooks, Clam Buckets